About Brooker Care

About Brooker

Brooker Care is part of Care2Connect, and together we offer home care to people across West Sussex, enabling people to live independently and with dignity. Our experienced, committed and friendly team provides an excellent level of care which our customers and their families trust and rely on.

Brooker Care was originally established in 2010 by a qualified care professional who had first-hand experience of nursing a loved one through their final days. Having initially established Brooker Care as a legacy, the business continued to grow by reputation, providing quality homecare to individuals and families around in East Grinstead and the surrounding towns and villages.

From the outset we were determined to provide a high quality, reliable and friendly service which we and our staff could be proud of. Our guiding rule is to deliver care to the same standard that we would expect for our own family members and we all work hard to ensure this is delivered routinely and consistently.

In 2018 we became part of Care2Connect, a Worthing based care provider offering public and privately funded homecare across coastal West Sussex. Whilst we continue to operate as an independent provider of care, we benefit from being part of a bigger business and the experience and track record that the senior team at Care2Conect offers.

Caring People

For us Brooker Care is not just a business; it is a team of likeminded, professional and excellently trained Care Staff who believe that we are all entitled to consideration and respect. Our Staff are picked because of their character and then trained to meet our own high standards of care and service delivery as well as those set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our team all work with the principles of person-centred care that must promote independence and involvement; communication, companionship, consideration and compassion.

To ensure this we carry out a rigorous recruitment and selection process and insist that all new staff, whatever their previous experience, go through our professionally designed and delivered induction programme and undertake an enhanced DBS check.

All staff who are new to care have a period of shadowing with an experienced member of staff before they undertake any calls on their own. We are proud of our team and the feedback we receive from our customers only goes to demonstrate how kind and caring our care workers are.

Our Values

  • Provide professional, personalised care
  • Give dignity, privacy and independence to the people we support
  • Offer continuity of care wherever possible
  • Communicate well with clients, families and clinical professionals
  • Be considerate and compassionate


To find out more about our company and services please download our care services brochure.