Homecare Funding

How much does homecare cost and am I eligible for support?

Although everyone’s personal circumstances are different, there are generally five forms of funding.

Privately Funded

Whether you have made a personal decision to seek support at home or are not eligible for funding, we can provide a flexible and personalised level of care to meet your needs with calls from just 30 minutes. Our homecare visits start from less than £30 per hour and there is no retainer or lengthy agreement. We are extremely responsive and can typically have a care package set up within a matter of hours from the initial call.

Direct Payment Funding

 The direct payments scheme is similar to local authority funding but rather than the care being determined by and paid for by the authority, you are given the money directly to organise and pay for your own care.

Hybrid ‘Top-Up’ Care

If you are eligible for some local authority funding but would like additional care beyond that allowance, you can choose to ‘top-up’ the funding privately. We can work together to determine which aspects of care are covered by the local authority and which elements you will pay for. As with our fully privately funded homecare, our rates start at less than £30/hour and we can offer everything from 30 minutes to full days of support.

Local Authority /Council Funded

You may be eligible for full funding by the local authority, in our case West Sussex County Council, who will recommend a care package to meet your needs following an initial assessment. We work closely with the local authority and will carry out a further assessment of your needs if we are appointed. The local authority will determine the amount of time, frequency of visits and then ask us to work with you to determine the best way of delivering this care. In most cases, they will give us plenty of opportunity to agree the timing of our visits directly with you.

Continuing Healthcare Funding

Some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free social care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. Whilst NHS funded, this care can be provided in a variety of settings outside of hospital. Eligibility requires an assessment by a team of healthcare professionals and is not linked directly to any particular diagnosis or condition.