What does homecare with Brooker Care look like?

We leave the ultimate decision on quality up to the CQC, and instead focus on delivering a positive homecare experience that you would recommend. We believe a positive experience comes from:

The right people

Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and appropriately trained care workers are important, but empathy is the key characteristic that we look for in all our employees. We only recruit care workers that have, and can demonstrate, a truly caring approach. We build small, effective teams of care workers to ensure familiarity and continuity of care, which in the case of Dementia care can be a hugely important factor.

Rapid assessment, planning and regular review

Determining what a care package looks like and how it is delivered is not a one-off activity. As standard, we review all our care packages after 6 weeks and then annually thereafter. We invite regular feedback to ensure the care continues to provide the correct level of support and if circumstances or needs change, we adapt. Our managers also carry out frequent monitoring and spot checks to ensure the care continues to meet our high standards.

Communication and feedback

We actively encourage feedback and also offer regular updates for family members, keen to know their loved one is safe and sound. We proactively raise any concerns in a timely fashion and respond to any calls or emails from you regarding the care we provide. Any questions, complaints or concerns will be handled with sensitivity and in line with our policies and procedures, which exist to protect everyone.

Close working relationships

We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining close working relationships with any professionals associated with the delivery of care. Whether councils, physios, community nursing teams, GPs, OTs or pharmacists we know contact with this network enables rapid decision making and avoids clients being ‘pinged back and forth’.